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Central Board Of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E.) is an ever growing board of education which is continuously striving to bring new revolution in the field of education. Sahakar Vidya Mandir (C.B.S.E.) Board School got its affilation with affiliation no. 1130459 moving towards its goal of academic enhancement of a child in the Buldana district.

It also gives equal importance to extra curricular activities, sport and game life skill education and environmental education. SVM always looked upon as a complete development of personality of a child.
In which 17000 student are taking education . In these school every day 9000 Student are reaching and going back to their village with the help of our 80 school buses. Today’s world is of science , invention and competition considering this we make efforts to provide every student an education in English Medium . All these school are endeavor and bound to make all side progress of students. In present time everybody is busy and lack of time . Every Year Sahakar Vidya Mandir , Buldana is arranging KAMYAB between 2nd May and 30th May parents are sending their words in this seminar . In this Kamyab we have training of exercises , Yogasana ,Drawing ,Computer Education Sanskrit Sholk Pathan ,Dance And Music, Karate ,Indoor Game ,Sword Fighting, Horse Riding , soldier training.

ADMINISTRATION : The school’s emphatic victory is attributed to the dynamic management of Buldana Urban Charitable Trust whose motto reads “Service Before Self” Since 1999, the trust manages esteemed educational institutions in and around of Buldana. Like the fabled fountains of the Azores, the Trust confers on its dedicated employees who have complete bounty and care which is felt more golden than gold. It nurtures the supreme development of the school. Besides taking prime interest in developing the schools infrastructure year by year, it equally focuses on each and every student’s understanding the values of life and quest for excellence.

BULDANA URBAN CHARITABLE SOCIETY : “A skilled sculptor does not try to translate his thought into marble – But he thinks in marble directly” This is the distinct attitude of our Revered Founder- President. The society was promoted by the visionary Founder – President in 1999 under the society registration act : XXVII of 1975 as a charitable trust. Within a short span of 10 years, the society runs 19 branch schools around Buldana

Mission : SVM will be globally recognized in distinctive areas of education and research, using as its platform in the remote historical town of Buldana, driven by a professional and technology-oriented focus, and based on a culture of innovation and excellence for shaping the "Gen Next" .

Vision : Education claims success only when it results in the students’ awareness of the inherent in them. Sahakar Vidya Mandir the educational destination for ambitions students all over Maharashtra inspires and ignites young minds as its motto reads, “Educate to Evolve”. A holistic approach towards education, a caring environment, a well- disciplined and ethically rich atmosphere at all levels help our students thrive excellence and march out the portals of school to be better citizens. This aspect has earned Sahakar Vidya Mandir, a distinct place in the field of education to enjoy a peerless reputation as the Best Co-educational English Medium Residential cum- Day school in Maharashtra.

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