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Dear Parents,
I am very glad to present our School Prospectus to the prospective parents and aspiring Students and hope that you will agree with us that the range and quality of what we offer is just beyond what any parent or student seeking admission to a residential school will dream of. This guide may be the first point of contact with our institution, and we hope that it will give you the answer to almost all the questions you may have in mind.

Most parents choosing a residential school are likely to look at the following features.

The care, concern and commitment with which the child is to be accepted……, which we have in abundance.

The right environment for learning….. Which is beyond one’s expectation.

The right course, syllabus and curriculum that would not only enhance the IQ level but also the EQ of the child ….. for we follow a research-oriented syllabi.

Sound Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities….. Which is our specialty.

A healthy environment with scope for sports and games.

The Quality of supervision personal attention and the support that your child will receive in the campus, SVM is known for it.

ADMINISTRATION : The school’s emphatic victory is attributed to the dynamic management of Buldana Urban Charitable Trust whose motto reads “Service Before Self” Since 1999, the trust manages esteemed educational institutions in and around of Buldana. Like the fabled fountains of the Azores, the Trust confers on its dedicated employees who have complete bounty and care which is felt more golden than gold. It nurtures the supreme development of the school. Besides taking prime interest in developing the schools infrastructure year by year, it equally focuses on each and every student’s understanding the values of life and quest for excellence.

Partial – Residential school : : A well established and well managed Residential school at Buldana district. It has been believed that a good and an international level residential school can exist only in metropolitan cities. It is that type of school established first in Vidharba region of Maharashtra. The school has earned its own name in the map of Indian Best School within a short span of time. It is also named as a “modern nalanda”. Here, education is inoculated basically as a form of human interactions. The students are made and moulded in such a way that they can deal and face the life problems at any point of time. The life inside the school campus makes every student to feel, ‘A Home Away From Home’.


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